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Company news

Strengthen the Supervisor’s Sense of Responsibility ,Eliminate the Waste in Management


March 27th,2020,Chairman Wu held the meeting aboutCancel the Two-Day Weekends,Strengthen the Supervisors Sense of Responsibility and Place Department Management into Top Priority,all the supervisors and managers attended the meeting.

Per the requirement of the meeting,all the departments have to take the meeting spirit as guideline in daily jobs.First of all, all departments should  strengthen the supervisors sense of responsibility in management work and all the members need to take full part in,through various management activities and trains to improve department management level and strengthen the sense of full participation.Secondly,avoid all kinds of unnecessary waste which can make company management level pace to a new stage.

 So what exactly the waste is in our daily management work?

Ⅰ.All kinds of waiting in management works

 The  waiting main   manifested in following aspects:

1. Waiting for the instruction from superiors.All in all,without instruction,members will take no action, because everyone worrying about  to bear the consequences.

2. Waiting for reports from subordinates;Usually the task has been assigned, but there was no inspection and no supervision,the direct superior just passed the subordinates  reports to their superiors without taking any investigation.If there is a problem,can also be pushed to subordinates,

3. Waiting for response from other sides:Such asI have already contacted and sent files to him,but he did not give any response,its not my fault.

Waiting for reports from production site;Some related department  passively waiting for production site report difficulties or problem to them instead  of positively and patiently make more contact with production site,these kind of negative attitude seriously affect the timely solution to problems.

The main causes for these unreasonablewaitingis that mid-level administrators lack of work responsibility and initiatives,whats more,they do not willing to be blamed from superiors.

   Ⅱ.Disordered management work

As the old saying said,Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.It is well-known that without explicit rules,regulations and procedures,our daily job will in a mess.

1. Disorder caused by unclear department functions or personal duty ;

2. Disorder caused by personal work ability.A qualified administrator should arrange all the things in order,make things simplify and high-efficient.

3. Disorder caused by not abide the rules and regulations.This kind of disorder not only affect the initiative and creativity of staffs ,but also reduced the work efficiency and work quality.

4. Disorder caused by work flow.For example,when  proceeding with a project,we usually ignore the coordination and communication with other departments.Finally it lead to things become disorder.

As a administrator of the enterprise, what need to take into account is what cause the disorders and how to change disorder to relative order.Through which to integrate the resources and get the most out of a buck.

    Ⅲ.Poor coordination 

    Coordination refers to all the elements in the organization, to make the overall goal can be successfully achieved. With good coordination, it will be greater than the mere sum of the parts

    1. Poor coordination of work process.No matter department to department or person to person,we all need to communicate with related person or department positively,do not wait passively.

    2. Poor coordination of the implementation of superior instructions.Avoid empty slogan, do more practical work.

    3.  Poor coordination of information transfer.We should make sure that news or information has been passed to related person or department timely.

   4. Poor coordination of business process.Most of the management works can no be done by one department alone,so we need to communicate with other departments and combine the resources to improve the work efficiency.

Poor coordination is one of the biggest waste in management work, which makes the whole organization lack of team consciousness and coordination spirits,and finally resulting in low work efficiency.

   Ⅳ.All kinds of idling .The idling refers to all kinds of inventory waste in management work,such as organizational overlapping,functional overlap,all these idling lead to the production factors can not be effectively utilized.

1. Overlap of department function.It mainly reflect in that different departments do the same things separately again and again,it directly affect the work efficiency.  

2. Overlap formed by the complexity of working procedures;As a qualified administrator need to learn that through fully authorization can simplify the process,which finally improve our efficiency.

3. Staff idle:in order to avoid the superiors critics about more men than work,so administrators start to creating more extra work.

4. Information idle.When we get news or information,we should classify,analysis and archiving them,filter out inaccuracy or wrong information.

  Ⅴ.Negatively cope with work assignment.The main performance is that passively and cursorily  to finish the work implement by superiors,do not care the practical effect.

   1. negatively cope with basic works.

   2. negatively cope with internal inspection

What is the negative effects caused by coping attitudes?Firstly,take production procedure as example,if the planner do not reply the delivery time in time or the plan out of practice,it will result in frequent extra overtime in the production system.Secondly,If everyone just coping with the tasks ,but not try to finish the tasks better ,it will finally cause more harm to the whole company.As a qualified employee of the company,we should improve our personal quality and strengthen our sense of  responsibility.


  1.low efficiently work or inefficiently work
    2.Wrong work lead to negative productivity

    What causes the inefficiency?

    1. Low self-quality of administrators;As an excellent administrator,need  to know how to guide the subordinates to finish the tasks well.

    2. Improper methods towards work;When you do a thing in a wrong way,you will get an opposite effect.In our daily jobs,we all need to keep learn new acknowledge and new methods,though which can solve the problem we meet well.

   Ⅷ.No guideline in management works.

The management cost involves all the cost produced during production,purchasing,designing,financing,marketing.In order to control the cost and reduce the waste ,all the management works need to proceed according to the correct guidelines which including target,index,budget and plan.

1. improper target or index;If the index is unreasonable,how to make the management action be correct.

2. No guideline for plan

3. Lacking seriousness attitude towards the plan

4. The plan not checked carefully

5. Input-output mismatch

Above mentioned waste commonly exist in our daily management works .Unfortunately.we always ignore these waste or even think its reasonable.It will be a great challenge and need takes a long time to eliminate the management waste gradually.

In 2020,from now on ,all the department should make self-check to get a realization of the departments disadvantages and to know whether the   above seven kind of waste has exist in department.

Rome is not build in one day.  Similarly,eliminate the waste is not finish by one day but a long-term persistence to realize the target step by step .We believe that under the joint efforts of the whole company our management level will pace to a brand new stage.

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